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Author Topic: Off the Ground  (Read 516 times)


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Off the Ground
« on: April 06, 2013, 08:19:13 PM »

Bought this one on day of issue...I've always felt that musically, this album was pretty good....the approach, musically at least, was similar to "Flowers"....I really liked that album. Why, then, did I become disenchanted with this one so quickly?

One must be very careful when one mounts the soapbox to decry any injustice...any topic will undoubtedly divide your audience into two camps: the ones who agree with you and the ones who feel like you're pointing a finger in their direction....I, like the esteemed Chris, feel it's important to be nice to all animals. I would also join him for a beer and a burger if we chanced to meet. It's a gutsy call, Macca, but it may have cost you a few listeners.

What bothers me most about this album is the sense of opportunity lost...this is a fine sounding record, with lots of cool growly guitar. The two biggest disappointments were two of the 'rockers' on the album, "Looking For Changes" and "Biker Like An Icon"..."Looking" opens with a crunchy guitar riff that promised great things...and then come the somewhat ham-fisted lyrics. "Biker" starts with a moodily strummed acoustic guitar and there are some fine stabs of electric in there....a fine recipe. Then there's a lyric that came out of a conversation Macca and Linda had about what kind of camera she'd like to have " I like a Luica." (sp?) Just a short step from there to "Like a Nikon"....and another step to add the story of the Biker and presto....another one I don't listen to.

The tastiest bits on this CD, for me, are the title track, the single, "Hope of Deliverance" and the rocking "Get Out of My Way". The two McCartney/McManus collaborations fall short of the ones on "Flowers", for a totally personal reason...I do not care for 3/4 time or any variations thereof, at least not on a 'rock' record. I totally respect that I am in the distinct minority here, they just aren't to my liking.

I remember reading somewhere that Macca consulted with some poet or something while writing this album....I would encourage him to do no such thing ever again....Paul is quite capable of real poetry all on his own, very naturally. A lot of these songs sound like songwriting exercises...Macca really CAN do this stuff in his sleep (Yesterday). But he does far better work when he pulls a page out of JL's handbook and writes what he truly knows.
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Re: Off the Ground
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2013, 08:50:51 PM »

when compared to flowers..it falls short because it just doesn't carry as many great songs on it. but it is a good one. the highlights for me...are by far...the two McCartney/McManus songs mistress and maid and the lovers that never were. and maybe that tells me that he needed help making great songs at that time. although it should be noted that I loved all of that song writing team's output. and i'd love to see them tackle a few songs again. or release what they've done but haven't released.
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Re: Off the Ground
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2013, 04:01:32 AM »

Oh I was thinking of being the first to review this album because I really like it, and find it much more consistent joyful & expressive than Flowers. This is definitely one of my favourite later Macca albums, it makes me feel all warm and joyful.

One of my favourite Macca albums, he showed he had some guts with the Looking for Changes, we do awful things to animals and this is a song were Macca sings like he means it, that doesn't happen to often.

I also like the new agey vibe on I owe it all to you, Golden earth Girl and a bit of transcendence with Hope of Deliverance.

I love the silly story song Biker like an icon, overall I'm delighted Paul tried being a bit more arty/poetic with his lyrics and I find them playful.

This album makes me aware of how Macca does make really different albums, his albums sound like himself but they really do vary one from another and I think that's why he has remained a creative artist. His orchestral albums and Firemen albums have also shown that sense of adventure. Artists like Bowie are seen as more boundary pushing, but I think Paul's invention is overlooked because he's so melodic.

Anyway I love this album I think the final song C'mon people is a great anthem, love the progression the building orchestrations .... and then a coda of cosmic consciousness & joy, fabulous!