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Author Topic: George Harrison  (Read 1730 times)


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George Harrison
« on: April 15, 2013, 12:51:22 am »

It's kind of nice to have a new board and new reviews to write, I've written about Paul & John and even a little about Ringo and now it's George's turn. The Beatles had an amazing career, but for me there is plenty more to the story after the break up, especially from George and Paul.

George crept up on me slowly, I have changed with and moved towards George. George put a group of gurus on the Sgt pepper cover and I now belong to a Kriya Yoga lineage that includes those gurus. So when George writes devotional songs I'm delighted, unlike others who may cringe.

George's work is often really well crafted, I think particularly this album and 33 & 1/3, the production is clean, the playing is meticulous. I don't think even Paul has given any of his albums this amount of care.

So the album is called simply "George Harrison" and I think that is fitting, it is George in repose, you feel like you are getting the man himself.

The cover shows George's face with beautiful yellows and greens around him.

The album starts with "Love comes to everyone" this sets the scene, a joyous song drenched in a real sense of inner happiness, a fabulous promise.

Not Guilty, a discarded Beatles track, here gently and lovingly recorded.

Here Comes the Moon - reminds me of a title of another of his songs, but this has plenty of space for the moon light to come in. And by now we're starting to realise that this album is not about excitement and stimulation it needs to be appreciated with a calm mind, but the care its made with, the joy of the craft, the space in the production allows you to find something very special. For me George's work contains the most sincerity of any of the solo Beatles, he means it, but that doesn't mean he isn't playful or lacks diversity.

Soft Hearted Hana - An odd song about a psychedelic trip, this is a curve ball, I love it.

Blow Away - Fantastic, it's all in the mind, we can blow our worries away by our own attitude some of George's preceding albums had some darkness about them and it seems that George was able to take his own advice and find a better space.

Faster - George thought it was good to be able to write about anything, he had a love of motor racing and this is a great ode to the intensity and achievement that can happen in that sport.

Dark Sweet Lady - two words: simplicity and sincerity.

Your Love is Forever - What can I say? This song is divine.

Soft touch is well shaped

If you believe - in what? In yourself, then you can do anything, great way to end an album.

This may be the George album that gives me the most joy, it's quiet and unassuming, but when I dip inside it I find light and a deep sense of calm happiness.

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Re: George Harrison
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2013, 05:40:57 pm »

this is a nice review. I haven't heard this one in years. but going over your song reviews...i'm going to have to give this one another listen.

wait...is this available on cd? is much/most of George's catalog available on cd?
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Re: George Harrison
« Reply #2 on: April 22, 2013, 01:05:05 am »

Yep, it's available on CD. I'm not sure about Dark Horse or Extra Texture, but I think all the rest are available.