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Author Topic: Knew Years  (Read 205 times)


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Knew Years
« on: December 28, 2016, 12:22:20 PM »

I havent liked New Years since I was about 19.  Its not that it doesnt mean anything to me.  It means that time is passing, and I knew long ago that life is pretty fun (with its adventurous ups and downs) and that celebrating time passing wasnt something I was interested in.

I think it hit me because at 19 I realized....Hey, we're all young.  We see each other all the time.  Our group is like a family, and the passing of time is only going to separate us...which it did.  I guess, luckily it meant that I would move on to different great times and friends and adventures.  But Ive always been pretty content with where I am in life, and then that damn New Years comes around to remind me that it wont last and Im getting older.

Long ago I always thought, "Wait.  This past year was pretty good.  I would do this year all over again.  Im not looking forward to things being better in the new year.  Im good."  Dang, I still feel that this year. Ha!

I kind of wish we looked at time like the Chinese or something with their years instead of linear-ally.  This would be cool especially because time doesnt really exist anyway.  Its a human construct isnt it?

Another thing bad about New Years is that you have to play a six hour gig til 4am.  I wish it was 1979 again. lol  But its gonna be 2017, a year in which America looks to a privileged East-Coast Silver-spooned born bigoted racist billionaire and his cohorts to rescue them from a system which hasnt been too promising for them lately.

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