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Author Topic: sinister  (Read 1523 times)


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« on: April 15, 2013, 07:33:57 pm »

i'm going to be honest...I love my spookers. not everyone does. but I just witnessed one on blu ray the other day that is staying with me. sinister. a down on his luck true crime writer is trying to recapture his earlier success. but has been failing. he moves into a house where grizzly murders have taken place to better understand motives. in the attic he finds a box with super 8 reels and a projector to play them. he pops one on...and it shows a happy family...then...it shows that same happy family meeting a gruesome death. who shot the movies? where is the youngest child?

other reels show different families meeting similar fates. he start drinking. noises clink and clank late at night. is weird stuff really happening or is it the booze? he stumbles on a potential link between the murders. in each case a child doesn't turn up dead...but missing. upon closer...and repeated...(and drunken) views he notices something else in the tapes. a potential killer. and once he sees the killer he can't unsee him. in fact, he starts appearing (seemingly) all over. why does the killer appear to be looking at him in the movies?

look...this flick got in my head. and it scared me...badly. I won't give any of the spoilers away...but no movie has been so effective in scaring me this much since...the original nightmare on elm street. if you like scary movies...see this one. 
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