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Author Topic: The Chase  (Read 877 times)


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The Chase
« on: March 24, 2013, 05:55:41 PM »

I've seen a wonderful burst of creativity on this board...and I'll just bet there are a number of us who love to write things, all kinds of things...this topic is just for you!

Here's my first!

    I was sitting alone last night in my suburban Atlanta home when I heard my dog begin barking. I thought that was a very odd thing to hear that late in the evening, so I got up to have a look outside...I was quite startled to see a rather disheveled man sprinting through my yard. I hollered for the man to come into the house, as he was obviously in distress and in need of help. He ran through the door and shut it quickly and said, "They can't be more than a minute behind me!" I was going to ask him who he was running from, but he shot down the basement stairs and slammed the door. Not knowing what else to do, I peeked outside through the curtains and saw that there was nobody there....

    I opened the door to the basement and went downstairs....I found the gentleman cowering in a corner under a sleeping bag. I said, "What's all the fuss....there's nobody out there...who are you running from?" He just sat there, shaking uncontrollably. "I never thought it would come to this...just a few stories, nothing harmful...why won't those people just leave me alone?" he stammered. "They shot at me three times, but I was too quick and they missed and shot the side of the house." I asked him again who he was talking about, but he would say nothing else. Suddenly, I became aware that the dog had stopped barking.

    As I flew up the stairs, I could hear that there were definately people outside the house....lots of them. I hit the floor.....these could be the folks who shot at the fella in the basement. I turned around and went downstairs again. "It's them, isn't it? I knew they would find me and now you're involved.....you should never have let me in!!" I said, "OK....don't worry about that, I called to you....it's my fault. But if I'm gonna get shot, I've got to know who you are and why these people are after you." He looked down and said' " I'm from San Francisco...I'm a writer for the Daily Mail.....it's a steady job, but what I'd really like to be is a paperback writer....anyway, I've been doing a series on celebrities and their social life. Just a few harmless stories, you see, and it was never meant to get out of hand. Now, I stumbled onto something much bigger...and they'll stop at nothing to see that I'm exposed!!!"

    At that moment I began to hear footfalls upon my front porch...but why was I fearful? I had done nothing wrong to anyone at all! I marched back up the basement stairs to tell whomever it was on my porch that very thing when I heard the paperback writer yell, "They'll shoot you just like they tried to shoot me!!! Don't go out there!!"

    As I turned the corner at the top of the stair, I looked out the bay window and saw them...all of them....Paul McCartney, Jennifer Anniston....celebrities, all of them. There wasn't a smile to be found on that porch, not one. "Let us have the reporter and we won't shoot! We've no quarrel with you!" Then I saw it....upon each one's neck....a shiny Nikon camera....


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