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Author Topic: Memory Almost Full  (Read 1860 times)


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Memory Almost Full
« on: April 06, 2013, 08:06:57 pm »

I suppose I should weigh in here by saying that I feel that this is Macca's best collection of songs since "Flowers In the Dirt", and possibly since "Band On the Run". There is a consistency of quality not found on many albums....period. Ask yourself this question: What albums can I play end to end, no skipped tracks. If you are completely honest, I feel you'll find it to be an extremely short list. And this album is not on it.

There are two tracks here that I skip virtually every time I spin this one: "Gratitude" and "Nod Your Head". To my ears, the former showcases a voice that may have sounded great on this track thirty, or even twenty years ago...it's not really bad, but it makes me want to reach through the stereo and touch Macca on the shoulder, and respectfully suggest he give this tune to the R-n-B shouter it deserves. "Nod Your Head"....gee....I understand that dissonance is an accepted musical device that is commonly used to create a 'tension' within a chord or musical passage...this tune is 1:58 seconds of just that: tension. He's just having a bit of a larf, I know, but my ears tell me it ain't funny.

There....got all the negative out! The rest of this CD is at best genius, at worst excellent...My favorite track varies with each listen! So many of these tracks have multiple layers of musical action happening that it is possible to listen many times and catch something you missed before. I'll also echo our esteemed friend Chris' comment about Macca's whistling solos....it feels like a "kiss my butt" to everyone who says he's not 'this' or 'that'. He's telling us, "This is exactly what I wanted here....I love it as it is, hope you do....if not, tough!" 

The two tracks I keep returning to for repeat listenings are "Mr. Bellamy" and "House of Wax"...."Mr. Bellamy", with an angular piano line and a semi-cryptic lyric is orchestral, whimsical and dark by turns. Check out the way the electric guitar lead line 'meows' during the "don't frighten him" section...hilarious....he's not serious....or is he?

"House of Wax" is another ball of...er...wax. This song has created a sort of 'love' or 'hate' reaction amongst Paulie's fans....fans of wet, dark echo will love it. Macca belts a very oblique and poetic lyric, then looses some serious fretboard bombast during the song's two, count 'em, two solo sections. The first time I heard this track, I reached the end of it and realized I had forgotten to breathe...sounds a bit florid, but that's where this one takes me.

I would also like to make it a matter of public record that when I trip from this mortal coil, the song "The End of the End" must be played...I have been to that type of memorial and it was beautiful, painful and touching in all the right ways.
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Re: Memory Almost Full
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2013, 07:31:36 pm »

I agree wholeheartedly about nod your head.in fact, I think it's a travesty that it didn't end on EOTE...which would have been perfect. (although even the beatles weren't smart enough to end an album with a song called the end, were they?)

and I agree about paul's vocals on gratitude. sounds like his dentures got stuck in his throat. but the song does feature a (at one point) strong vocal. and since that song is (to me) a sarcastic look back at his failed marriage...I enjoy it. paul is saying something. and he doesn't always do that with his occasionally, but purposeful, vague lyrics.

this is a strong one that I like a lot. better than it's softer, quieter twin, chaos, even.
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Re: Memory Almost Full
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2013, 08:29:24 pm »

Yeah, I think this is one of his finest moments. A whole lot of everything going on...which is what you want from Sir Paul. Not everything works...but that's better than playing safe. I'm hoping his new album is something like this one.  ;D


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Re: Memory Almost Full
« Reply #3 on: October 06, 2013, 02:07:40 am »

I suppose I should weigh in here by saying that I feel that this is Macca's best collection of songs since "Flowers In the Dirt", and possibly since "Band On the Run".

I quite liked this one when it was released but it didn't grip me, it's skilful but I don't feel the heart. I tried listening to it, got a couple of songs in and decided to listen to Flaming Pie, which immediately caught me.

Isn't it cool that people see things differently? I prefer Off the Ground to Flowers in the Dirt and Flaming Pie to Memory. But what i will say is Paul is an artist who can produce albums that fill me with an inner glow, he can be really vague, schmaltzy, but yet his music really is trying to express something genuine to him.

I thought I'd put a list of the Paul albums that really do it for me (this is a personal list I am not trying to be objective):

Red Rose Speedway
Band on the Run
Venus and Mars
McCartney II
Tug of War
Off the Ground
Flaming Pie
Chaos and Creation
Ecce Cor Meum

There is more good stuff outside of the list, but these are albums that as a whole I think are good.
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Re: Memory Almost Full
« Reply #4 on: October 17, 2013, 01:29:44 am »

I quite liked this one when it was released but it didn't grip me, it's skilful but I don't feel the heart.

I had the exact same experience! When it came out, I thought it was a very good effort, but not as good as Chaos. Here in 2013, there are a couple of really good tracks I still dig very much - Mr Bellamy, Vintage Clothes, and also Feet in the Clouds. But I never was a fan of 'Dance Tonight'. Never was a fan of 'Ever Present Past'. And while 'Only Mama Knows' was a great rocker in the Junior's Farm mould, I have to be honest and say I can't listen to that song anymore - namely because it is a victim of the loudness wars. It's poorly-recorded and mastered. The drums have so much distortion on it and everything is turned up to the max, it's almost like listening to an FM radio station slightly off its frequency. Junior's Farm is nicer on the ears to listen to in spite of being almost 35 years its 'junior'.

And tracks like 'See Your Sunshine', 'That Was Me', 'Nod Your Head' etc are Pipes of Peace Side 2 material in my opinion! Heck, give me 'Average Person and 'Sweetest Little Show' anyday! Or 'Hey Hey' over 'Nod Your Head'!

It's strange that it was only released a couple of years after 'Chaos' but my feelings towards it are completely at odds with how I feel about Chaos. And with the new album 'NEW' it's almost as if I feel he's finally nailed the kind of record I've been hoping for him to make.

Maybe a few years from now I'll feel different again about Memory, but it will probably never rise to be among my favourites.